In the rapidly evolving aerospace sector, our software house proudly presents a cornerstone project, AuriDM, that epitomizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and operational excellence. AuriDM stands as a beacon of our expertise in aerospace software solutions, designed to meet the complex challenges faced by the industry today.

Our journey with AuriDM began with the vision to create a highly sophisticated, scalable, and secure platform tailored for aerospace dynamics.

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Development of an application dedicated to civil aviation schools. The main goal was to create a mobile application that could be used by both iOS and Android users. This was important because end users were to download and use the application on their private devices, and it is obvious that they will be using a different operating system. The purpose of the application is to control small aircraft, manage small aircraft, enter small aircraft into the system and book flights, post-flight reports and communication with the user.

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Project written in flutter technology, which is great for mobile, cross-platform development. Thanks to the use of such a solution, the application could be created with the participation of one developer for two separate iOS and Android environments. We ensured high security of the project and accelerated the development process by using Laravel to create the backend. The web application was created in React.js technology. This choice of technology stack for web development has provided us with a high-quality, user-friendly UI for end users.

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Why us?

The client was convinced by the application writing workshop in Laravel and professional consultations of the entire team, which was matched to the client's expected technologies.

New possibilities

The client has a complete version of MVP that enables further development of business activities and the established company.