The client distributes on a large scale in Poland garden hearths, kitchens and grills.

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The need to build sales based on e-commerce. The need to learn how to operate the store, the need to shape the organization and logistics for e-commerce.

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Due to entering the e-commerce market, we decided to implement Shopify for the client, which allows easy navigation in the administration panel. An important role was also played by functional facilities + various integrations (including warehouse management, sales, automation), thanks to which the client is able to scale the company.

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Why us?

Individual approach to client. Getting to know its needs and choosing the right solutions to help build an online store.

Further cooperation

Building product views, adding integrations that may be missing in the marketplace. Work on automation, cross selig, work on SEO.

New possibilities

Start of sales, building the brand and awareness on the Internet in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Increase employment and develop your business by increasing sales by breaking away from traditional retail.