Biocosmetics is a well-known Polish brand operating and advertised by Ewa Chodakowska herself. Ewa Chodakowska creates products that are associated with her main activity of being a personal instructor.

laptop oraz dwa telefony, jeden odwrócony tyłem, na widocznych ekranach uruchomiona strona Biocosmetics
Biocosmetics uruchomione na telefonie


The customer needed to study the customer path leading to the shopping cart. The main assumptions were to improve the online store in terms of UX research.

screenshot strony Biocosmetics screenshot strony Biocosmetics kremy


Implementation of UX Audit, correction of technical errors. Changing the layout of the homepage. Changing the shopping cart process.

Why us?

Our client's offer of cooperation was convinced by a trial UX report which indicated the biggest mistakes that needed to be corrected to improve sales.

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