Macropart – Managing Advertising Campaigns

Our new integrated campaign management tool addresses the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses operating on platforms such as Idosell, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.


E-commerce businesses on various platforms such as Idosell, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop struggled with effectively managing and optimizing their advertising campaigns. They lacked an integrated solution that would allow for easy campaign management, result analysis, and marketing activity optimization.

Solution to the Problem

Macropart is an advanced application for managing advertising campaigns, designed to meet the needs of online stores operating on popular e-commerce platforms. Developed using React.js and Svelte technologies and designed in Figma, the application enables users to comprehensively and intuitively manage advertising campaigns from start to finish.

Why Us?

Our team consists of experienced developers and designers who understand the unique challenges of e-commerce and digital marketing. Thanks to our deep technological knowledge and creative approach to design, Macropart offers a comprehensive solution that translates into increased ROI.

Further Collaboration

We offer our clients ongoing support and updates for the Macropart application, ensuring they are always a step ahead of the competition. Our services include consultancy on marketing strategies, data analysis, and campaign optimization, allowing our clients to effectively scale their advertising efforts.

New Opportunities for the Client

Thanks to Macropart, clients can now more effectively manage their advertising campaigns, better understand the needs of their audience, and optimize their marketing budgets. The application provides tools for precise analysis of results, enabling quick adjustment of strategies and maximization of campaign efficiency.