the client runs a platform for simulating hacking and attacks in the SaaS model


1Strike client - a company specializing in security testing services using hacking and attack simulations in the SaaS model. Their main goal is to proactively identify vulnerabilities around the clock. The client needs a professional website that will showcase their testing platform and allow potential users to easily sign up for testing via an application form.


We undertook to create a website that will effectively present the test platform offered by 1Strike. We wrote the animations using the react.js library. We took care of the details when creating RWD. The page will contain important information about security testing services using simulations of intrusions and attacks in the SaaS model. We will focus on presenting the benefits, functions and capabilities of the test platform so that potential users can understand its value and potential. In addition, we will place an application form on the website, which will allow interested users to easily and conveniently sign up for the tests.

Why us?

We are an experienced team of web development specialists, and our skills and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity allow us to understand the unique needs of the client. Thanks to our experience in creating websites for companies from the technology industry, we are able to provide 1Strike with an effective solution that will effectively present their test platform and enable potential users to easily sign up for tests.

Further cooperation

After the successful implementation of the project, we signed a contract for long-term maintenance and updates of the website, providing the client with continuous support and the possibility of further cooperation in the development and expansion of the website.

New possibilities

Our cooperation will allow 1Strike to have a professional website that effectively showcases their security testing services using simulations of intrusions and attacks in the SaaS model. The test platform will be presented in an attractive and accessible way for potential users, thanks to which the number of interested people will increase. The application form that we will put on the website will provide a simple and convenient way to sign up for tests, which will facilitate the registration process for users. Thanks to our solution, 1Strike will gain an effective tool to promote its business and attract new users

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