Globalo is a large-scale distributor of hoods in the territory of the European Union.

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Repair of an extensive online store based on woocommerce. The client has an online store developed over several years, which grew along with the growth of the brand. Currently, the client has a lot of traffic that WooCommerce is unable to handle effectively, and there is also a large range of products and categories.

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The project uses unconventional solutions for subpages, which are based on additional fields that are easy to change from the WP dashboard panel. External libraries were used, e.g. Swiper or Lightbox, for optimized management of the appearance of sliders and galleries on the website. On the website, incorrectly loaded scripts that caused incorrect display of elements and delayed loading time were eliminated.

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Why us?

We took the developer and the project manager with us to the meeting, they thoroughly analyzed the problems of the project and indicated what things needed to be fixed first.

Further cooperation

Currently, our cooperation is developing in areas also outside strictly e-commerce. We create PIM applications and a task manager application for the client. The cooperation is fruitful for both parties.

New possibilities

Company development, increasing sales, expanding the organization, building better customer service. Development of marketing activities, more effective analysis of entrusted tasks.