Our company has created an algorithm that improves the comfort of customers searching for products in the online store

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The dynamic development of the e-commerce market, and the resulting increase in the number of stores and products available in them that are very similar to each other, makes it difficult for customers to find specific products that interest them, which in turn often causes frustration for the customer and causes he refuses to buy.

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The system is a complete solution consisting of a dedicated plug-in for an e-commerce store with an implemented artificial neural network that detects and recognizes finishing materials and products. The data necessary for the machine learning process will be obtained from online stores of Soft Gorillas partners.

Fragment strony Gorillashop Fragment strony Gorillashop

Why us?

The company deals with the creation of tailor-made software that evolves towards e-commerce services. In order to understand the pressing needs of changing the environment and technology of customers who most often make changes from the Woocommerce environment, the company also decided to strengthen its competences in this area.

New possibilities

The main functionalities of the proposed system are:
Ability to take a photo or upload it using a plug-in;
The ability to find building materials and products in the online store based on a photo in real time;
Shortening the time of searching for products and services in the online store;
Ability to build shopping lists from found materials and products.