KMK Klinkier

KMK Klinkier sells thousands of colorful bricks and clinker tiles on a large scale. In sales, the customer also uses e-commerce.

Laptop z odpaloną stroną KMK Klinkier
baner KMK Klinkier, trzy telefony z odpalona strona KMK Klinkier na tle łazienki w jasnych kolorach


The customer would like to digitize his company, mainly in terms of customer service, increase the possibility for a more demanding customer, enrich the customer path by helping in choosing the most convenient offer. Improve the company's image as a brand with a comprehensive product.

Screenshot ze strony KMK Klinkier "Realizujemy projekty dla klientów w Polsce i na Świecie" screenshot ze strony KMK Klinkier


Building a completely custom sales platform with dedicated solutions in the field of logistics, customer service, after-sales solutions, educational solutions.

Why us?

In-depth analysis of needs, processing the entire range of functional requirements, consulting in the selection of technical solutions.

Further cooperation

Software development. Upgrading the software version. A variant of cooperation with SLA. Creating additional functionalities and modules.

New possibilities

Scaling the project to international markets. Increasing sales by obtaining a full-fledged Internet tool enabling better conditions for development.