the client is an educational store focusing on educating children in the field of ecology


Our client is the educational store Movly, specializing in ecological sensory toys, playgrounds, educational books and play scenarios. The client needed a technology partner who would create and maintain their ecommerce website. The requirements were clear: it was necessary to create a website that provides comprehensive information on the offered products, engages customers and enables smooth online shopping.


Approaching this challenge, our main goal was to provide the highest quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations. We focused on designing a visually appealing and user-friendly site that effectively showcases Movly's range of sensory toys, playground equipment, educational books and play scenarios. The site featured detailed product descriptions, colorful illustrations, and intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to explore and learn about the eco-related products on offer.

Why us?

As an experienced technology partner with proven successes, our portfolio of successful projects and positive recommendations have successfully convinced the client that it is worth entrusting us with the development of their website.

Further cooperation

After the successful implementation of the project, we signed a contract for long-term maintenance and updates of the website, providing the client with continuous support and the possibility of further cooperation in the development and expansion of the website.

New possibilities

Thanks to our cooperation, Movly gained a professional website that became a focal point for their clients. The site offers detailed product information, engaging content, and a smooth shopping experience. Customers can freely browse products and make purchases