A company that sells doors, gates, roller shutters and windows. The company is a leading representative of the local market. It has smart home solutions.

Monitor i telefon z odpalona strona OknaPrim
Baner OknaPrim, trzy telefony na których jest odpalona strona OknaPrim, na niebieskim tle wieżowca


The client needed a project presenting his offer. The website required high transparency and effect in the form of presenting the advantages of selected products.

Screenshot ze strony OknaPrim "Okna Aluminiowe" Screenshot ze strony OknaPrim


The project was designed in the Figma tool. Then we made a project on the builder based on Elementor.

Screenshot ze strony OknaPrim Screenshot OknaPrim

Why us?

The client was convinced by the portfolio, and more precisely by several examples of projects from the construction sector. After understanding the guidelines, we proposed an individual graphic design that met with approval.

Further cooperation

Development of the website in the form of creating subpages, creating SEO facilities for the project thanks to the Blog section.

New possibilities

Increasing sales, educating the customer who will be more aware of the purchase.

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