Platform for the operation of orthopaedic clinics


The startup Ortopedico is a specialized company that offers services in the field of medical technology, including specialization in orthotics and orthopedic care. Due to the technological development and the need to adapt to the changing preferences of patients, the startup asked us to implement a platform that allows, among other things, to make online appointments with their patients. The goal is to provide a convenient and easy method for online appointments in orthopaedics.


Our task is to create a special platform that allows Ortopedico's patients to make appointments online. The platform will be a simple, intuitive and secure place where patients can register, choose a suitable date and time for the visit and consult an orthopedist via video conference. The platform will also include appointment reminders and the ability to access a patient's medical history.

Why us?

As an experienced team of programmers specializing in the creation of online platforms, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to create an online appointment platform for Ortopedico. Our solutions are not only functional but also secure, ensuring the confidentiality of patient data and meeting the highest security standards in the field of medical information protection.

Further cooperation

Following the successful implementation of the project, we signed a contract for the long-term maintenance and updating of the website, providing the client with ongoing support and the possibility of further cooperation in the development and expansion of the website.

New possibilities

Our collaboration will enable Ortopedico to introduce a modern online appointment platform that will make the process of scheduling and organizing orthopaedic appointments much easier for patients. Thanks to a convenient and intuitive platform, patients can quickly find a suitable appointment and no longer need to visit the clinic in person. Access to the patient's medical history and appointment reminders will also help you to better manage your orthopaedic care. Our solution will enable Ortopedico to increase the efficiency and availability of its services, attract new patients and build lasting relationships with existing patients.