Osiedle Olimpijczyk

Project for Developers, sales of newly constructed apartments, titled osiedleolimpijczyk.pl.


In the digital age, the real estate market has faced the challenge of adapting its offerings to the expectations of modern customers. Potential buyers expect not only comprehensive information about available properties but also interactive solutions that allow them to better understand the offer without the need for a physical visit.


In response to these challenges, the "Osiedle Olimpijczyk" project introduced an innovative solution in the form of a website with advanced features. The key elements include:
- Interactive 3D building layout with apartment plans: Allows potential customers to visualize the entire object and living spaces, facilitating the imagination of their future home.
- Navigation with a communication map: Presents key points of urban infrastructure and access to transportation, emphasizing the attractiveness of the location.
- Photos and descriptions: Detailed description of each available apartment, providing a full picture of the offer.
- Call to Action for reservations and purchases: Encourages users to make a purchase decision by offering easy access to reservation forms and contact with the developer.

Why Us?

"Osiedle Olimpijczyk" stands out in the market thanks to the use of advanced 3D technologies and interactive maps, which not only increase potential customer engagement but also facilitate the decision-making process by providing detailed information about the project. Our approach focuses on providing the user with a comprehensive experience that goes beyond traditional real estate presentation methods.

Future Cooperation

We anticipate further development of the platform by introducing additional tools such as virtual tours, which will further increase interactivity and customer engagement.

New Opportunities for the Customer

Our interactive tools allow for precise planning and imagining life in the new apartment, which translates into better purchasing decisions. Additionally, easy access to online reservations and purchases meets today's needs.