The platform is a modern Product Information Management (PIM) system that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses in terms of warehouse management, order management, labels, as well as processing and uploading purchases. As a potential replacement for the popular Baselinker system, aims to streamline and automate e-commerce-related business processes while offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Many companies face challenges related to effectively managing product information, warehouse, and orders. Difficulties in integrating various sales platforms, managing inventories, and processing orders can lead to errors, time losses, and limitations on business growth opportunities.

Key features of include:
- Warehouse Management: Facilitates the monitoring of stock levels and the organization of supplies.
- Order Management: Allows for the efficient processing of customer orders, from reception to fulfillment.
- Label Management: Enables the creation and management of product labels, assisting in the organization and identification of goods.
- Processing and Uploading Purchases: Automates purchasing processes, enabling quick and efficient data handling.
- Integration with Sales Platforms: Currently, is integrated with Allegro and online stores, ensuring smooth management of sales and assortment across different distribution channels.


The platform offers an integrated PIM environment that facilitates the management of products, warehouse, and orders in one place. With integration with popular sales platforms such as Allegro and online stores, automates business processes, reducing the risk of errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Why Us? stands out in the market due to its advanced integration and flexibility, allowing companies to tailor the system to their unique needs. Our solution is designed with the aim of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in e-commerce management, making us the ideal partner for companies looking for innovative solutions.

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Product Development: Working on introducing new features and improvements in the app to better meet user needs and set new standards in the market.

New Opportunities:

By using, companies open up new possibilities for development and expansion in the e-commerce market. Platform enables easy scaling of operations, tailoring the offer to different sales channels, and ensuring high-quality customer service through efficient logistics and order management.