Szymon Janiak

Szymon Janiak runs an investment fund. He invests in technological startups.

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The client needed a sales base in the form of woocommerce in order to sell an ebook or a book.

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Creation of e-commerce in accordance with the project designed in the Figma tool and integration with the payment system, as well as with sendgrid. The solutions that have been implemented are vue.js + wordpress.

Screenshot ze strony Szymon Janiak "Kim Jestem?" Screenshot ze strony Szymon Janiak

Why us?

The client had confidence in our company because the fund represented by invested in our company, trusting that the Soft Gorillas team are competent people with the right vision supported by specific plans for the company's development.

Further cooperation

Development of Internet tools, construction of websites and integration with appropriate tools. Development of other tools (such as a streaming tool, analytics, which lead to an increase in reach and improvement of the sales funnel). Increasing the chances of getting recommendations from the investor.