When Beauty, Terapiq, Seam

The client runs a wholesale and sale of cosmetics and dietary supplements. It offers services for the company in the form of dropshopping.

When Beauty, Terapiq, Seam
Banner When Beauty, Terapiq, Seam, na różowym tle trzy telefony, jeden odwrócony tyłem, dwa pozostałe maja uruchomioną wyżej wymieniona stronę


The client needed to create three product landing pages for the online campaign, which were to present the appropriate value of the product, as well as be a kind of appropriate sales and SEO base. Brands that have been created have their own product line, each of these subpages will be developed with additional subpages.

Screenshot strony When Beauty "wybrane dla Ciebie" Screenshot strony When Beauty


Writing three product landing pages that are integrated with the sales platform.

Screenshot strony terapiq "bestsellery" screenshot strony terapiq

Why us?

The idea to create a landing page that will be properly UX shaped for the client's path in the beauty industry and to properly adapt templates that have custom solutions, the templates were mostly written from scratch.

Further cooperation

Website development, blog support, creating integration with online stores and warehouse accounting programs.

New possibilities

Sales development, brand building and image enhancement. Help in creating product lines.

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