A start-up dealing with servicing supermarkets from the grocery (food) industry. Having an innovative idea to automate stationary shopping using a shopping cart.

dwa tablety ułożone tyłem do siebie, na jednym z nich odpalona aplikacja ZeroQS
Baner ZeroQS z dwoma tabletami, jeden ekranem do dołu, drugi wyświetla aplikacje ZeroQS, znajdują sie na czerwonym tle w szachownice


The client was looking for contractors to write a front application for a tablet and to write an Administration Panel.

Screenshot z aplikacji ZeroQS Strona Główna Screenshot z aplikacji ZeroQS


The problem was solved by writing an efficient tablet application and a fully functional administration panel in accordance with the technical and functional requirements of our client. The project was written in Vue.js technology. In addition, apart from development, we made a graphic design for the tablet and for the administration panel. The project team consisted of: two Front Developers, QA, Graphic Designer

Screenshot z aplikacji ZeroQS "Jak to działa" screenshot z aplikacji ZeroQS

Why us?

The client was convinced by professional consultations in which we dispelled doubts in the selection of technology, we provided some key information that will make the application reliable.

Further cooperation

Software development. Upgrading the software version. A variant of cooperation with SLA. Creating additional functionalities and modules.

New possibilities

Scaling the project to international markets. Increasing sales by obtaining a full-fledged product.

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