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5 September 2023
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Ecommerce Product Photography The Key to Selling Online

Having an amazing product is only half the battle when it comes to selling online. Without good imagery, your customers will have little idea of what they’re thinking about purchasing, which can lead to uncertainty and lost sales. That’s where ecommerce product photography comes in. By utilizing high-quality, professional photos, you can make your products stand out, boost your sales, and increase conversion rates.

Why is Ecommerce Product Photography Important?

When shopping online, customers can’t physically examine a product before making a purchase. They rely on product photos to give them an idea of what the product looks and feels like. By using high-quality, professional photos that are optimized for the web, you can maximize your potential for brand exposure, rank higher in search engine results, and convert more visitors into customers.

Product photos help customers see what they’re buying and understand how it fits into their lifestyle. By optimizing your product photos with relevant keywords, you can improve your search engine ranking and drive more traffic and sales. On platforms like Amazon, optimizing your product photos increases the chances of your product being selected as a featured listing, leading to a significant boost in sales.

In addition to driving sales, product photos also build trust with customers. High-quality, professional photos show that you take your business seriously and are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for your customers. They also serve as a tool for providing context and showcasing the unique features and benefits of your products.

How Do I Get Started with Ecommerce Product Photography?

The first step is to determine the type of photos you want to take based on your products, brand style, and the message you want to convey. Whether you’re going for a clean and simple look or a more rustic, artisanal feel, your product photos should reflect your brand’s unique style and attract the right customers.

While many business owners hire professional photographers, you can also do your own product photography with the right equipment and software. If you’re new to photography, it’s important to learn the basics and invest in the necessary equipment. For small products, a point-and-shoot camera and a lightbox may suffice, while larger products may require a better camera, tripod, and specialized equipment.

Creating a makeshift studio in your home or office is a cost-effective option. Find a clean surface, choose a pleasant backdrop, and ensure proper lighting to make your products stand out in the photos. If your space doesn’t work as a studio setting, consider renting a space or using an Airbnb for your photo shoot.

Depending on the product, you may need to shoot in multiple locations to capture the right shots. For example, if you’re selling a dog toy, you might want to photograph it both in a park and in a living room setting.

How Do I Take Good Ecommerce Product Photos?

Once you have your studio space set up, it’s important to focus on the composition of your product photos. The composition refers to how the elements in the photo are arranged, including the placement of the product, the background, and any props you use. Follow these key pointers for taking good product photos:

Composition Tips:

  1. Rule of Thirds: Divide the image into nine equal parts using a grid and place the subject on one of the grid lines or intersections for a visually appealing photo.
  2. Leading Lines: Use lines in the photo to draw the viewer’s eye towards the subject, such as the edge of a product or props placed near the product.
  3. Negative Space: Use negative space or a contrasting background to make the subject stand out.

Using a tripod can help keep your camera steady and prevent blur, whether you’re shooting in a studio or outside. If possible, invest in a macro lens for close-ups of small products without losing quality. Avoid zooming on digital cameras, as it can lead to pixelation and decrease the photo’s quality.

Taking good product photos depends on the type of ecommerce photography you’re doing. The three main types are product photos, lifestyle photos, and model photos.

Product Photos:

  • Focus on the product itself and usually don’t include people or props.
  • Use a white or neutral background to highlight the product’s features.
  • Show different configurations or settings if applicable.

Lifestyle Photos:

  • Show your product in action, often with people using it in real-life scenarios.
  • Help potential customers imagine using your product in their own lives.
  • Great for social media as they are visually interesting.

Model Photos:

  • Feature professional models showcasing the product.
  • Can be staged in different settings or in a studio with a clean background.
  • Used to create a certain look or feeling, particularly for clothing brands.

By following these tips, you can capture great product photos that showcase your products effectively.

What Do I Do With the Product Photos I’ve Taken?

Editing your product photos is crucial for enhancing their overall look. Software like Adobe Lightroom allows you to adjust white balance, color temperature, and tint to make the colors look natural. You can also use spot removal tools to erase blemishes or distracting elements.

After editing, optimize your photos for your website by saving them in the JPEG format. This format provides a smaller file size, ensuring faster loading times. Ensure your photos are large enough to look good on high-resolution screens but not so large that they take too long to load.

Once your photos are ready, upload them to your product pages and ecommerce website. You can also repurpose them for your marketing efforts, such as social media posts, email campaigns, and ads, to create a cohesive brand look.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Good Ecommerce Product Photos?

High-quality ecommerce photos capture buyer interest and convey information quickly. People process visual information faster than text, so compelling product photos can grab a shopper’s attention and generate interest in your products. By showcasing your product from multiple angles and providing context, you can effectively communicate its features and benefits.

Product photos also foster brand recognition as customers become familiar with your products and brand. Consistency in your product photos helps differentiate your products from the competition and establish your brand in the market.

Moreover, products with photos have fewer returns. High-quality product photos provide customers with a better idea of what they’re buying, reducing the likelihood of returns and the associated costs for both the customer and the business.

In conclusion, ecommerce product photography is essential for selling online. By investing in high-quality, professional photos and optimizing them for the web, you can attract customers, increase sales, and build trust in your brand. So, take the time to perfect your product photos and watch your online business thrive.


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