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14 June 2022
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IT services outsourcing — how to make it work? Customers and software house expectations

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Would you rather carry out your project in-house or outside of your company? In general, companies prefer to participate in digital product development.
It is not surprising. After all, an organization that invests in a certain solution, wants to know that it will be created according to the predefined requirements. Unfortunately, in real life it is not always possible to handle project in-house without any external help at all. The thing is, that not every company has the means to maintain the IT department and experienced development team of its own. Non-tech businesses don’t always hire full-time developers and designers, as it is an unnecessary expense for most of the time. So how can they develop customized websites, applications or modernize their infrastructure? By leveraging an IT services outsourcing. But how to ensure that IT outsourcing will prove beneficial?

Why do misunderstandings between software houses and their clients happen?

There is always a risk, when involving into cooperation with external services providers. Communication problems can be a result of:

  • choosing poor communication strategy,
  • leveraging inefficient and not intuitive communication tools,
  • unsuccessful client’s onboarding on the project,
  • non-flexible business model of customer’s organization,
  • lack of time on the project.

Some of those can be prevented by software house, and some require making some changes in the client’s organization. As a party more experienced in carrying out outsourcing projects, software house takes great responsibility for the project and should prepare the customer for eventual challenges or difficulties. It should start from planning the project and selecting tools, that will make client-services provider’s communication smooth. IT company should also perform sort of client’s onboarding on the project. This process should include educating the client employees about their responsibilities on the project, deadlines, available tools etc.

On the other hand, a customer has to engage fully in the process too, if he wants the IT project to become a success. Not every company is used to outsourcing and not understanding, how it really works can be a great problem. Before choosing outsourcing it would be wise to learn what are benefits and challenges of such a solution.

IT services outsourcing challenges

Website or application development are complex themselves. If you don’t have enough talents in your in-house team (or you don’t hire developers at all) you should consider IT projects outsourcing. It will allow you to create your own, customized business solutions. Nevertheless, developing a digital product tailored to your needs in chosen software house may not be as easy as buying off-the-shelf software. There are some IT services outsourcing challenges, you have to consider.

Selecting the right software house

Companies leverage IT outsourcing for two reasons: in order to reduce expenses and because they don’t have their own in-house team. You have to select your IT services provider carefully. How to do it right?

  1. Find the company that specializes in the type of project you have in mind. Don’t order a mobile app from the software house that has only websites in its portfolio.
  2. Check the customer’s testimonials. Satisfied clients opinions are just as important as the IT company’s portfolio.
  3. Pay attention to the company’s partners. Official partnership with well-known brands usually means that you can trust that the IT outsourcing company is reliable.

Lack of Cultural Context

Working in a multicultural environment may not be as easy, as you realize. FIrst, there can be some cultural differences between the members of your in-house team and software house’s team. Although diversity usually increases the chance for the project success, because it provides the team with different views on the project’s problems, it may also become an insurmountable problem. A second issue is language. Companies often outsource IT services in other countries to save money. Ordering software abroad means though, that you will have to communicate with a foreign team of experts. Assess your team’s language skills, before you decide to outsource IT services from a different country.

Understanding your project requirements

Some clients are being surprised at the end of the development project, when an IT company refuses to modify an app or website or add new functionalities (such that haven’t been mentioned in the requirements) for the same price. Each project has its requirements based on which a software house can make you an offer — tell you, how much will an application development cost
in total. Once both parties agree on some terms, a client has to pay for changes and additional features development, because it requires developers’ time, effort and resources.

If you are not tech-savvy, simply discuss the project carefully with
the IT consultants from the software house you picked for the job.
Read the articles about the business solutions features, design and ask for
the technologies to make sure, you have a full idea of your application in your mind, before you will accept the project’s requirements.

Be vigilant

There is an important difference between IT services outsourcing and
IT projects outsourcing. The first type of outsourcing is usually related to the long-term services, like for example systems’ monitoring. In the case of such services, the success of the IT company strongly depends on quality of services and customers’ satisfaction in the long period.

IT development projects, on the other hand, can last for many months, but they are in general considered short-term — they last, till the solution Is ready to be released to the market. If you decide to develop your application or website outside of your company, be vigilant — learn what technology will be leveraged, how the development project will be protected, what sort of tools will be used, ask about schedule for meetings and discussing progress.

Simply, if you want to outsource IT development project, you should participate in it — it is your digital product that is being developed.
In Soft Gorillas we always insist on client’s full involvement in the entire process.

IT outsourcing benefits

One of the most significant reasons, why organizations decide to outsource IT services is cost reduction. By moving the development or some internal processes to the companies in another country, you can save some money
and still get the highest quality product.

Access to various talents is also essential. It would be not only difficult, but also very expensive to gather highly skilled experts specialized in a narrow field of IT in your company. Software houses, on the other hand, need such
IT professionals on a daily basis. By leveraging outsourcing, you can use their skills in your project without additional expenses.

IT services outsourcing certainly enables companies to enhance their focus on their core tasks. They don’t have to waste their resources, hire highly specialized IT employees and manage complex IT projects. We provide our customers with applications and websites they dream of, so they can focus on what’s really important.

Types of IT services outsourcing — responsibilities of a customer and software house

There are some types of IT outsourcing, which can be leveraged to improve your company’s efficiency. Each type is strongly related to specific IT tasks
and processes.

IT consulting outsourcing

Consulting services are usually carried out by internal companies instead of your own, in-house specialists. It is always better to ask other IT company
to assess the state of your systems. You can outsource the cybersecurity audit, UX audit and many others. IT consulting and auditing services provide you with the knowledge about your current solutions quality. Such feedback can be used when planning infrastructure modernization or investing in new solutions.

Outsourced IT managed services

If you don’t want to handle some basic processes in-house (like systems monitoring, access management, ensuring systems’ security etc.), you can ask an external IT company to take care of it for you. The benefits are that you don’t have to think about it and you move the responsibility to the service provider. It is often cheaper than hiring employees and paying for necessary equipment.

IT staff augmentation services

If you already have some IT experts of your own, and you are determined
to develop your digital product in-house, but you lack enough IT talents,
you should consider IT staff augmentation services. This type of IT outsourcing simply means borrowing an expert hired in a software house and adding him or her to your in-house team. It allows you to stay in total control of your project and in the same enhance your in-house team. Leveraging staff augmentation does not only improve the efficiency on the project, but also gives your employees an opportunity to gain some new skills from highly experienced specialists.

Total IT projects outsourcing

Total IT projects outsourcing is the type of service usually leveraged by companies that don’t have IT departments of their own or there is no development team among hired IT professionals. In Soft Gorillas we mainly focus on this kind of outsourcing. We develop websites, mobile and web applications for various businesses according to their requirements.
We can also evaluate the quality of your existing applications or websites and suggest to you, how to make them better.

This IT outsourcing model is the best choice for companies that want to develop digital products tailored to their needs. An entire development
in performed in software house, but the customer is engaged in the development process from the very beginning to the very end.

Which approach is the best for your organization? Follow this steps

We will be more than happy to cooperate with you, if you need a digital product in the form of website, web or mobile application.
Soft Gorillas team use popular and secure technologies tested by vast communities of developers. Providing users with highly customized business solutions is our most important mission, hence we improve our skills every day, to develop the most extraordinary applications.

Contact us, to learn more about total IT project outsourcing.


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