People are the key to success


    Michał Czechowski

    From an early age I am passionate about new technologies. I have been learning programming since the period of primary education. My specialty is PHP framework laravel and Symfony. The greatest satisfaction comes from solving clients' business problems, which makes me also improve my skills. During the consultation with the client, I notice the issues and adjust appropriate solutions. I am passionate about playing chess.

    Bussines Partner

    Kamil Cyrana

    I have been passionate about competing since childhood. It turned into practicing various kinds of sports. During adolescence period, my interest was also focused on tracking technology development. I was a great enthusiast of transferring all ideasand inventions into the real use of everyday functioning in the society. I am a graduate of BA studies in the field of Internal Security at WSPIA Rzeszów University and MA studies in HR management also at WSPIA Rzeszów University. I have extensive experience in business management in IT projects and creating project teams. Creates solutions to complex business problems in IT. I personally analyze IT projects and their assumptions in terms of suitability for target customers, model business processes and implement solutions on the market. I have user experience and e-commerce audit skills in terms of verifying the path of the shopping cart processes.I have an ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO 27001 certificate.

    General Project Manager

    Krzysztof Malik

    I am a graduate of bachelor's studies in the field of Computer Science and Econometrics at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science at the University of Information Technology and Management based in Rzeszów and MA studies in the field of Computer Science at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science at the University of Information Technology and Management based in Rzeszów. I have experience in the implementation of machine learning algorithms, which I gained while writing my diploma thesis. The subject of my master's thesis was to develop an artificial neural network that allows the classification of a motorcyclist's riding style on the basis of telemetry data provided by a gyroscope and accelerometer, such as angular velocity and tilt angles in the x, y, z axes. I have professional experience as a project manager gained during the implementation of the project "Implementation of electronic medical documentation", the total value of which is PLN 4,207,411.76. I implement Agile methodology for the implementation of projects by creating project teams from remote employees (dispersed teams) for individual products resulting from the project, selecting and implementing tools for project organization, such as the ERP system, GIT version control system, text and voice communication tools. I am responsible for monitoring work progress, budget, risk management by keeping a risk register, contact with the client, and solving problems and conflicts in the team.