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Symfony — why it is a good technology for your business application development

Symfony — why it a good technology for your business application development

Choosing the right technology for application development is an important task. Lack of knowledge about the most popular tech stack may result in choosing framework that will not assure great performance or features crucial for our company. Each developer knows many useful tools, libraries, frameworks and languages and have some preferable for certain projects. Today, we’d like to tell you more about Symfony.


Benefits and applications of Symfony framework

What is Symfony?

Symfony is simply a framework build in PHP programming language. A framework is a sort of skeleton, on which an application is built. Why developers use it? Thanks to such solution, the entire application development process takes significantly less time. It is easier for programmers to implement some modifications or add new features, and by this also the cost of development gets lower.

Flexibility of this framework is one of the most important reasons, why developers choose this technology for application and website development. Symfony can be the right choice of tech stack if you need modern, complex but also still scalable applications or webpages.


Applications and websites developed in Symfony can be easily modified and scaled if it is needed. This framework has numerous libraries called bundles which enable developers to add new features in the short time. While using bundles, programmers can be sure that all new components of the application will work together just fine, as each bundle consist of already tested solutions.

Why should you consider choosing Symfony for your application development​?

There are many reasons, why you should consider Symfony as a part of tech stack for your next project. Here are some of them:

Why should you select Symfony as your tech stack?

Easy to understand code and structure of application

According to Statista report for 2021 PHP is on 7th place among programming languages when it comes to their popularity worldwide. The code and the structure of application built in Symfony are concise and easy to understand for developers. MVC architecture leveraged in this PHP framework is also used in many often chosen frameworks. The advantage of this approach is that an application is divided into three, independent layers: model, view and controller. This way, maintaining and modifying the application is easy and less time-consuming. Apart from that, developers can count on regular updates of bundles that ensure security and efficiency of the application. Thanks to clear code and MVC architecture, it is easy for new developers that join your team to understand how the application works and how to modify it.

Smooth testing

Each time the code you change your application, or you add new functionalities, there is a risk of creating new bugs. Such a risk is totally normal, as each developer is just a human and developing a new business solution is a complex process. To deal with that problem, members of a development team are performing multiple test on different stages of a development.

First of all, Symfony allows testers performing functional testing (checking how each part of the application works) fast and efficiently. Programmers that use Symfony are also given a Web Debug Toolbar along with various built-in tools which make testing and fixing bugs very easy. With access to them, developers can carry out efficient Test-Driven Development (TDD).

What is the best technology for web development

Support of a vast community

Symfony is well documented and has a fantastic support. It is an open source technology, which means that all developers around the world can access its code and use it in development for free. It is not the only framework of this type. There are vast communities of enthusiasts and developers gathered around such technologies. Those people are dynamically work on creating new solutions for chosen tech stack in order to improve it.

Developers that use Symfony have strong community, similarly like other PHP-based frameworks. Experts from all over the world happily share their knowledge and support less experienced programmers by helping them with their technical problems related to Symfony and PHP. If you choose this framework for your next project, you can be sure, that you receive great results in a short time.

Developing website in Symfony

Is the Symfony really the best technology choice for your new, business application development?

Answering this question is never easy, because there is already so many technologies on the market — those mature and those which gain popularity extremely fast. Symfony can be a right framework for your application development no matter what is the complexity of the solution your organisation require. Small or big websites, applications with a few or many features or single functionalities — all of them can be built on this PHP-based programming platform.

If you are certain that you need a customized business solution for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us more about the software, website or app you want to create. We’ll be happy to analyse your business needs carefully and suggest you the best technologies for your project.