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5 October 2021
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Top 5 SaaS project management systems

project management systems z napisem "This is the future of work"

Managing a project is not easy. Team members with various skills and experience, a lot task that need to be completed in specific amount of time, workshops with clients, everyday’s meetings — all this usually have to be organized and managed by one project manager. Seems like mission impossible, right? Fortunately, there are some SaaS tools that can make project management easier.

What are the biggest project management challenges?

Regardless of the company’s size, management issues are usually similar in most of the organizations. Many problems are caused by lack of the proper, modern tools, manager experience or weak procedures. In order to improve efficiency of the work on the project, you need to eliminate following difficulties:

  • lack of communication — effective exchange of information between client and members of your team is crucial for the project success,
  • no goals to be met — often projects are divided into stages, one task has to be completed, to move to the next one, with poorly defined goal there is no progress,
  • limited engagement of the client representatives — it is almost impossible to build business solution that will suit your very needs, if you don’t participate actively in the project.

Those are just a few project management challenges. Mentioned problems can be solved by choosing accurate SaaS-type project management tool for your company.

5 project management software as a service pieces you should consider for your company

The right project management software has to be easy-to-use, intuitive. It needs to improve communication between you and your team members. It should be a solution to earlier mentioned challenges, but also allow you to integrate favourite business tools you currently use and offer additional, interesting features you haven’t considered before.



Trello allow user to visualise an entire project in a single view, which is very comfortable, especially for the project manager, which often needs to analyse many tasks and stages of the project at once. The manager can create special cards with to-do-lists or messages and move them around on the project board. This software enables managers to assign members of the team to the tasks and set deadlines. Trello’s users can also view the statistics of each board they have access to.

2. Jira

Jira is popular among agile software development teams. Project managers can easily add co-workers to the sprints, create tasks and assign employees to each of them. Each task has its status, which can be changed when some progress or modifications will be made. All members of the team can change the status or assign the task to the other employee in particular organization’s work environment. Jira can be easily integrated with many useful third-party systems.

3. Asana



Asana project management system enables project managers to create tasks, projects, conversations and dashboards. Each user can choose the content or processes that he wants to track. Asana helps you to promote creativity and cooperation between your staff, by allowing you to build team pages, where they can share ideas and discuss. The useful element is “Smart Box” in which team member will only see the most important project updates, rather than all messages. This software can also be integrated with multiple other systems.

4. Monday.com

Monday.com allows user to create his own, personal workflow in the form of charts in order to make day-today individual’s work easier. Tasks and content can be shared with the entire team. You can check your progress on the project on the intuitive project dashboard. Users can create customized alerts to stay updated.

5. ClickUp


In Soft Gorillas, we use ClickUp. In our opinion, it is a perfect tool for managing various types of projects for Agile companies. We can easily customize our workflows, assign jobs to specific members of teams and add different types of dependencies for each task. The great thing about this system is, that in enables users to build knowledge bases and wiki’s that will be accessible to other users in your organization. Members of the team can discuss using real-time chat or by placing comments in tasks. Notifications keep you updated on the status of each project. You can use it on the computer or install a mobile application on your tablet or smartphone and integrate ClickUp with multiple other services.

Improve your projects’ efficiency with functional and easy-to-use project management software as a service or invest in custom solution for your company.



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