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4 October 2021
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Top 5 Sales Funnel Software Tools

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Do you understand the thinking process of your potential customers? Ask yourself a question: do I know, how my prospects turn into my actual clients? A classical sales funnel usually consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. It gets narrower with each stage, which represents that only some part of customers that are aware of your brand, will actually choose your products or services. The goal is, of course, to increase the number of those who turn from prospects to clients, but how to do it? Sales funnel software can help you with that.

Sales Funnel Systems — what are they, and why do you need one?

Sales Funnel Software as a Service refers to platforms which provide business users with many interesting tools. Some of them allow leveraging business automation and create assets that can increase sales, such as landing pages, payment gateways etc. This type of business systems helps companies to turn prospects into actual customers.

Small companies and startups will certainly appreciate sales funnel software, as it enables young organizations to significantly reduce costs of marketing-related investments. Thanks to this kind of tools, you don’t need to hire a web developer for building and developing your landing pages. Each sale funnel system is different and offer different features. Analyse your options wisely. Remember, that you can integrate your new sales funnel software with other applications and tools you use in your daily work.

Sales Funnel Software worth consideration

There are numerous Sales Funnel tools in software as a service model. They differ in terms of price, flexibility, customization and available features. Below you find descriptions of some of the most popular systems of this kind.


1. HubSpot Lead Management

The HubSpot Lead Management enable user to construct very effective and functional sales process for your company. Its features include a lot of typical sales funnel tools, such as:

  • landing page templates,
  • infrastructure for creating and distributing offers,
  • email automation tools.

Those are only some of this system useful functionalities. It can be also tempting option for those, who didn’t yet choose CRM system for their organization, as it provides one that should suit all of your business needs.

2. is one of the all-in-one marketing systems that can replace multiple tools you used before. It is important to mention, that it can serve you well, regardless of the industry you are working in. Apart from sales funnel builder, you can leverage many more amazing features, such as:

  • dropshipping services,
  • business automation,
  • email marketing tools,
  • affiliate program management.

Those are only a few from multiple functionalities of this software as a service solution. With you can build engaging landing pages and marketing campaigns in no time. It is extremely powerful solution for any business.

3. GetResponse Autofunnel

Creating and managing marketing campaigns which goal is to improve sales is rather time-consuming. GetResponse Autofunnel is great automation tool. Believe us or not, but it can actually perform most of the sales funnel processes and functions on its own. It enables user to:

  • build sales pages that will improve conversion using special templates,
  • purchase ads on Facebook and Instagram from the software level,
  • create webinars with the special tools.

As you see, with this software you can save a lot of time and focus on the tasks that require creativity and in the same time, you can be sure, that your sales funnel will work effectively.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages is rather simple tool for small and medium companies. You should certainly consider it, if you run small business, and you want to build aesthetic, engaging website and landing pages for your company. It offers you tools for constructing:

  • websites,
  • alert bars,
  • pop-up forms.

Main advantage of these solutions is its simplicity and intuitive user interface, that can be used by anyone from your team. You can easily invite your non-tech savvy employees to work on your website together with you.

5. SIte123

We recommend you trying Site123. It is simple and intuitive. You will not have any problems to modify or create new landing pages all by yourself. You don’t even need to have any graphic or design skills. Simply choose from one of the amazing templates and customize it.

Additionally, Site123 ensures:

  • responsiveness of your website,
  • hosting free of charge,
  • tools for SEO optimization,
  • e-commerce features.

Site123 is a great option for small and medium businesses. It will not cost you a fortune, but it can be useful for companies from various industries, as it has numerous interesting functionalities. It has also free version, so you don’t have to take our words for granted. Just register and check it out by yourself.

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