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19 December 2022
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Vue.js – for what types of projects?


Vue.js can be used for web development and creating user interfaces, which makes it a frontend tool for developers. 18,9% of respondents in 2021 Developer Survey declared using it in their projects. Vue.js is flexible. Using it allows developers to provide clients with digital products they need. Read more.

What is Vue.js? A tool, library or framework?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework. Unlike the library (which is simply a collection of pre-written code that can be used in projects), framework provides users with a structure for building application or website.

But why do developers leverage it? Vue.js is based on JavaScript and it is used by developers for building web applications and user interfaces. As an open source technology is available for everyone for free. The goal of using it is to ensure an efficient and convenient development process.

What are the benefits of using Vue.JS?

Lightweight, flexible framework Vue.js can be used for all size of projects – small ones as well as those data-driven and complex ones.

Vue.js is many developers’ first choice, because of:

  • seamless integration – it can be easily integrated into other frameworks, which allows developers to customize the project according to the client’s expectations,
  • low level for entry – it is simple and user-friendly also for those developers who don’t have a lot of experience, it makes work fast and easy,
  • flexibility – it provides developers with functions and solutions to adjust project to the client’s needs,
  • virtual DOM – when user interacts with the page and the objects change their state, the browser has to update data and render the changes, virtual DOM improves the application’s performance,
  • two-way binding – it enables your app’s components to share data (which is important in interactive applications).

How can Vue.JS be used?

Vue.js will be great for various projects. You can use it to build web applications of many kinds, for example:

  • A single-page application (SPA) – SPA loads a single HTML page and update it dynamically, while user is interacting with it. Virtual DOM, two-way binding and template-based syntax make it easy to build SPA with Vue.js.
  • A mobile application – almost everyone uses mobile apps now. Vue.js is a great solution for building cross-platform application together with frameworks that are meant for that purpose.
  • A desktop application – Vue.js can be combined with various frameworks for building desktop applications with interesting features.
  • A progressive web app (PWA) – PWA is a web application, which can be installed on a device and behave such like native app. PWA provides both web and mobile users with great experiences.

In short, Vue.js is a framework with various use cases. Both mobile and web applications can be created with this solution. Tell us more about your project, so we could tell you, if Vue.js could be leveraged in it.You can check out our Vue.js case study here.


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