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1 June 2022
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Zoho project management tools for better communication with customers in IT sector


Ensuring great communication with customers is essential for any IT company’s success. Mutual understanding and transparency allows development teams to fully learn clients’ needs and expectations, and provide them with exceptional digital products. Fortunately, you can improve your communication with customers with the Zoho project management tools.

What are Zoho project management solutions?

Zoho project management software is a set of tools that companies use to get more effective on a daily basis. What do you need to know about it? It is cloud-based, which makes it scalable. Such solutions improve an organization’s scalability and overall flexibility. Because it is hosted in the cloud, users can access Zoho tools through browser on any type of device easily.

Zoho workplace can be leveraged by any company from any industry, but we claim, it is really useful, especially in IT organizations, that usually follow a specific work routine and collaborate with customers and third parties every day. Zoho’s tools have a significant influence on the effectiveness of internal and external cooperation.

Zoho tools and solutions for IT company

Zoho project management suite offers IT users various tools that can simplify their work. Here are some, that we find most useful for IT companies.

zoho tools

Zoho workplace

One of the most important benefits of Zoho is that it brings together various tools IT companies use all the time. We will describe some of them in details in this article — trust us, there is a nice set of tools for you to use in Zoho, like video conference apps, Cliq communicator, Zoho docs and sheets and many others. Having these solutions in one place helps you work faster — there is no need for constant switching between many pieces of business software.

Any IT company will also find Zoho task management solution quite useful. You can use task manager to prioritize work on the project and assign your team members to each task and process. Employees in your organization can set up notifications according to their preferences. Automatic reminders in Zoho can be in a form of Pop Up in Zoho app or an email (or you can choose to receive both).

You can also consider leveraging Zoho Mail solution. Together with your own domain, you get access to an integrated calendar, contact list, notes and more. Moreover, you can assign users to tasks using mail services — your actions will affect projects and users statuses on Zoho desks and Zoho Connect.

Webinar tools

Meeting online allows all parties involved in the development process to reduce both time and expenses. Zoho calendar meeting scheduling and online meeting software makes it very easy to meet face to face with your customers or team members. In the era of remote collaboration, seeing your partners and clients helps strengthen business relations.

Zoho video conferencing tools are intuitive, so anybody can handle setting and managing meetings. It comes with useful, interactive web meeting tools, which make it so simple to express one’s needs and expectations. Any team member can set up notifications to be reminded about meetings. All video conferences can be recorded, so the video content could be later shared with those who could not attend.

Zoho time tracking

In the IT sector, companies often charge their customers for the time that a certain specialist spent working on a particular project. Still, it may happen, that one developer, designer or other expert, participates in many projects at the same moment. No matter, what kind of business you run, transparency and trust are crucial for its success. On IT projects, we can track the time spent by employees on each project with Zoho time tracking tool.

Time tracking solutions also have other applications. More and more companies are moving from the traditional 8-hour working day to modern ideas for increasing efficiency. Now, you can track your employee’s working hours and perform analysis on gathered data in order to assess your teams’ efficiency and come up with new strategy to improve it.

Zoho Desk and Zoho Cliq

OK, so you have all the most important applications in one place, including Zoho docs and Zoho sheets. Information flows smoothly through your organization, as you can share almost any type of file with just one click. But what about actual capability to discuss with another person on the project (with team members, as well as with customer experts)?

Zoho provides business users with Zoho desk software, which is a customer service solution, and Zoho Cliq — reliable business chat app. With Zoho desk you can provide your customers with 24/7 support, which in fact becomes a standard, when it comes to customer service. Zoho Cliq allows any member of your Zoho workplace to engage in the conversation in real time.

Zoho integrations you may find useful

Do you have some tools without which you can’t imagine your day in the office? We all have such apps. Don’t worry. Zoho supports integration of many popular (and those less popular as well) solutions for business, so you can still use your favourite applications. In fact, the capability to integrate external services with Zoho allows you to customize and enhance this solution even more in order to adjust it to your organization’s requirements.

Some services you can integrate with Zoho software are typical office tools sets, telephony services, chat apps, webinar and webcasting services, financial tools, marketing automation solutions, programs or signing documents and more. Some popular solutions users integrate are for example: Google Workspace, Slack, MailChimp, Facebook Ads, PandaDoc, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

How do we use Zoho app to improve project efficiency in Soft Gorillas?

One of our goals is to ensure the communication on the highest level inside and outside of our company. With Zoho hosted in cloud, we can easily share files of any type among our experts and with third parties and clients. We leverage Zoho mail services not only for corresponding, but also for efficient project management. This software brings together all the vital business features, which simply enables us to learn about our customers needs faster and provide them with expected results in no time.

Zoho’s docs and sheets provide us with all necessary tools for creating, formatting and sharing professional documents. All our files are safe in the cloud, and we can easily cooperate on them with other employees and external users that we provide with access to certain files. With advanced security solutions, we are confident about our data safety.

An important part of our day-to-day routine are our daily meetings, in which we discuss progress and challenges on the current projects. We also meet with our customers regularly during the project in order to provide them with updates and answer their eventual questions. For this purpose, online meeting and video conferencing tools are practically indispensable. We choose Zoho application as it comes up with easy-to-use, practical, interactive tools.

Having the right business tools is essential for the company’s productivity and success. Thanks to using Zoho, we can keep our customers satisfied not only with the quality of the digital product, but also with the efficiency and the time of development process. Find out yourself. Contact us, to tell us more about your project ideas.


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